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Sim information System

Sim Information System 668 Verification Code

In Pakistan, people used to find sim information by sending a SMS to PTA given number “668”, which only provides total number of sim registered on a CNIC. This service only shows the network the number is registered on and it is paid service. But now we provide a new sim information system to our users.

Our Sim Information system or Live Tracker allows you to check Sim information by directly searching it on our website. You no longer need to send a Text message to 668 for Sim information. Our Live Tracker/Person Tracker will provide to correct and authentic information in less time and without paying a single penny.

Before our Live Sim information Tracker, There was only a number (668) given by PTA by which you can check limited details through SMS which charges you money but now you can check information directly on website for free.

Live Tracker

Live Tracker | 668 Sim Information System

Here you can trace mobile number information by both Sim and CNIC number while for the 668 SMS checking system you can check sim database for only with CNIC number. In the earlier days people used to have multiple Sims for multiple network and they used to switch the networks who offered best mobile network packages. If we are using an old sim and we don’t know its number we had to recharge the credit and call someone to check the mobile number.

Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan with name/ Number / CNIC

In the recent year, government issued a law stating that no one can have Sims more than 5 and offered 668 service. When this service was issued people had to block all the Sims exceeding the limit. We could check the number Sim cards and the network had to visit the corresponding customer care center to block the sim.

Today this service is still valid in the form of text and also on the government website known as PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) and they provide the exact same result. In the foreign countries this process is also known as Reverse Phone Lookup.